Women 2022

By: Zayuri Valle

AWLA (Alliance Women Leaders of the Americas), has an interesting history from its genesis.

Today, however, although in the least my will to continue supporting this noble endeavor has diminished, I feel that the experiences of the last two years, both mine and others, make the act of sitting in front of the computer and writing more arduous. articles for people who have gone through such difficult experiences. The brutal intrusion of the pandemic has radically changed our world, it has blurred the coordinates that made us feel oriented and firm in the world, giving way to uncertainty and strangeness regarding the future.

There are many stories of women who have undergone borderline experiences: they have suffered the disease in themselves and in their loved ones, whom they have seen, in many cases, agonize and die. Others have lost their jobs, and in the midst of material precariousness, they have had to deal with the most extreme depression.

But despite everything, here we are. All these difficulties have not broken us. Nor did the great problem posed by such a heterogeneous grouping in terms of cultures, countries and world views overcame us at the beginning. That is why I think that we have proven our worth, because we always knew how to overcome differences, which in any case are always contextual, to focus on what unites us in the essential: we are women, women who seek their place, a dignified place in the world.

This year that has just begun should then be a time of reaffirmation in what leads us to our personal improvement. The bet is that, always from the perspective that united we are stronger, that collaborating, helping, undertaking collective projects, like this one that summons us, also makes us grow as individuals.

And above all, let’s not forget the joy. An undertaking, a project that we draw up, always involves a process, they are a process, and this is the most important thing. That is why I conclude with Krishna’s words:

Not good trip, if not go ahead, travelers!

April 2024


By: Julia Poz

By: Julia Poz