About Us

We are AWLA

An alliance between women leaders and their organizations, a platform to promote the social impact of women in the Americas.

Ximena Troya

Photographer, political and territory analyst.

Julia Poz

Degree in pedagogy and educational administration

Marilyn Chirino

Digital Marketing Strategist. Business SEO specialist.

Zayuri Valle

Director of different social projects of social impact in Mexico.

Each drop creates the sea

What defines us as women leaders?



Leaders naturally drive participation of all team members, through leadership more horizontal.


Ability to inspire and motivate

Entrepreneurial women They foster an environment of trust and integration in their work groups, living their best self every day.


Change management and bargaining power.

They have the ability to seek to be better every day, this vision is implemented by managing their business with the ease of adapting and coping with difficult circumstances in an agile way. Seeking to win and be supportive in their negotiations, beyond interest economic.


Problem resolution

They have the ability to analyze and solve different actions simultaneously, facing crisis situations with advantage.

Our projects at AMLA help families in more than 10 countries.