Words with which I begin this space to make known the feeling that invades my being, despite all the efforts to eradicate gender violence, not only in Guatemala but in every corner of the world where a woman continues to suffer violence, but The saddest thing is to see how we continue to normalize this type of action, justifying, she was a bad woman! He must have provoked his partner! he deserved it! We are tired of all this, but the education received from the family remains the same.


If a woman cannot establish a family, with a husband and children, she is not a woman and does not fulfill her role in society. Terribly, girls grow up with that goal regardless of the cost of that decision; I am not against marriage or the family, but I am against the way it currently works, subjugated women, with the double function of contributing to the family and also that of enduring humiliations to which they are subjected.


I ask myself every day, what else should we do as a society? We are resigning ourselves to continue normalizing violence. Observing the video of an indigenous woman being beaten by her partner without anyone intervening, only recording, this woman is taken away by her partner and then appears dead… our actions must go further.


It is important that as women we can use any means to stop these actions, perhaps one of the immediate actions is that all women change the way we educate children, that is, when we involve children in all household activities regardless of that are typical of women as society has marked them, then we will be training gentlemen, beings with responsibility and with love towards all people, even at school we teachers must change some stereotypes such as cleaning, washing the mop, wash the dishes they use, when mom stops pampering the child at home, let him be an independent being, that is, get dressed, take a bath, take what he needs and don’t wait for mom to do everything with him, Then maybe our reality will change.


Let us reflect on our actions and how much we can contribute, sometimes we have the spaces and means to raise our voices, but we prefer to abide by the role that has been imposed on us for centuries. The teaching profession has allowed me to listen to young ladies with beautiful dreams of improvement and participation; however, I have also been able to listen to young ladies and men who prefer to remain silent and fulfill the mission signed by their family and society. Leaving aside their dreams, every young man and woman has dreams, it is not something that we can question. Despite this, we are settling for so little and believing that this will fill us with happiness, we are very wrong.

Let’s work on the self-esteem of boys and girls, strengthening the respect that as we are human beings we must manifest in our coexistence and eradicate violence, not only gender violence but violence in general, since we continue in a vicious circle, we strengthen values ​​and our society will have a much better present than the one we sadly live in today.

Let us focus our attention on taking advantage of and strengthening the spaces that each woman can be offered, let us listen, fight for our goals and continue working to strengthen ourselves, we need to support each other by forming societies that value and respect human life, both men and women.

July 2024


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