Alliance Women Leaders of the Americas: united in diversity.

By: Marilyn Chirino

Women have the natural strength and power … to conceive life until delivery and provide sustenance from our own being. Enough divinity if I may say.

And the first trait that defines us in common, distinguishes us as a gender. Just the starting point to consider ourselves and consider us strong, capable, austere.

Society, in that twist of history in which it became patriarchal, and consequently macho, suppressed our value and capabilities. He denied our rights. It repressed us, oppressed us and silenced us for a long time (without crossing out those who did not and made history for it).

The actuality is ambiguous in this area. In today’s hypertechnological, hyperdeveloped, cyberworlds and metaverses; how much that side of rationality and the general male mentality has evolved. How much has male sensibility matured, fundamentally?


Gender equity, the empowerment of women and their impact on society, remains a sensitive issue.

Fortunately, among other efforts, AMLA (Alianza Mujeres Líderes de las Américas) was born from great women; an alliance between female leaders and their projects, which promotes the social impact of women in the Americas. Organized in a platform for dialogue and dissemination, they undertake and propose the path towards social and cultural transformation in pursuit of greater equity and social inclusion of various kinds. In particular, equity for women in all areas of contemporary society.

Every day more, we must accompany the cause of equity not only from politics, with ideological or partisan bets and in some cases even fundamentalists, but as an ethical urgency and collective awareness.

AMLA is a team of empowered, entrepreneurial, innovative, but above all conscious women. Competent women; rich in nuances. Diversity complements us. It is what unites us. And no matter how different we are, we and each woman, (no matter the stereotype, race or culture, what makes us the same prevails.

These Latin American women defend individuality in the community and promote the empowerment and unity of all women on the continent, motivated by claiming women’s rights.

Women of America! Let’s not be overwhelmed! Together we are stronger: professionals, workers, creatives, artists, AMLA exists to help you expand and undertake … We work with the community, focused on local and family development and on helping you grow personally and professionally.

May 2024