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14 Oct


Words with which I start this space to make known the feeling that invades my being, despite all the efforts to eradicate gender violence


17 Jun

Construction of the masculinity of the transmasculine population

From the way of being and behaving, this question is also born, of how much does the transmasculine population adhere to masculine stereotypes?


25 May

Is there a gender pay gap in the United States and Latin America ?

The gender pay gap has been relatively stable in the United States for 15 years. 82 cents for every dollar. In this way, the current Gender Salary Gap that has remained in the United States since 1979, the year the first available data on the subject is known, is evidenced. In addition, it will remain so until 2059, the year in which the gap is estimated to be closed (According to Insider Magazine).


23 Apr

Women 2022

AWLA (Alliance Women Leaders of the Americas), has an interesting history from its genesis. Today, however, although in the least my will to continue supporting this noble endeavor has diminished, I feel that the experiences of the last two years, both mine and others, make the act of sitting in front of the computer and writing more arduous. articles for people who have gone through such difficult experiences.


26 Mar

Education and Gender Equality

Talking about gender equality is very broad, inequality is still very latent in society, in education there is still a very large gap.


24 Feb

Alliance Women Leaders of the Americas: united in diversity.

AMLA is a team of empowered, entrepreneurial, innovative women, but above all, aware. Diversity complements us. It is what unites us.


20 Jan

Photography and sexual diversity – the art of learning to transmit in favor of a collective.

There have been several professionals who have worked hard to make visible the issues inherent to sexual diversity.